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Every skin tone, body shape, gender, sexuality, everybody always welcome!

You must be over 18 to get tattooed according to the law in the UK.

I am currently based near Finsbury Park station, inside of Idris Barbering Co - N43ES.
I work Tuesday-Friday.  Currently I can't do late afternoons, evenings and weekends.
I offer 1 free touch up within the first year and it can be booked any time (no need to wait until my books open). Outside of the 12 months I charge a small fee for touch ups. 

I do custom and flash pieces. Please note that I do not copy someone else's artwork or tattoo. 

I kindly ask you to get in touch via the booking form from the main menu, when my books are open. Inquiries outside of the booking time won't be considered/answered, I am so sorry!

If you would like to have a tattoo of a drawing from another artist you will be asked to send me a written permission from the artist. I work in black and grey, but sometimes I make exception for a touch of colour. If you'd like colour please state that too when you submit the form but I cannot guarantee I can make it.

Sometimes it takes a while to hear back from me as it's only myself running all the admin.  Please don't send me every other day an e-mail as it literally makes the whole process slower. 

If you have a specific budget I am very happy to offer you something in that price range, let me know!
I do not tattoo certain placements such as side of the fingers, side of the hand and foot, behind the ear, ribs, lower than the ankle bone. The reason why is, some placements don't heal well in general, or with my delicate work, or I do not feel comfortable tattooing them. Please be aware when submitting that.

Once I got all the information I am able to give you a rough idea of the price and my availability.
To proceed with the booking I will ask for a deposit that comes off the final price. It is non refundable and valid for 6 months. If you wish to reschedule your appointment you will need to give me at least 48 hours notice otherwise you will lose the deposit. If you cannot attend the appointment that you already rescheduled, you will lose your deposit too.
 You can pay it in person or using Paypal. No bank transfers, sorry.

I would like to ask you to arrive in time as I work in a really tight schedule. Being late can affect your booking, that means I might not be able to tattoo you on that day anymore, and you will be asked to pay a new deposit.

I prepare one design for the day of the appointment. When you arrive, we have a quick consultation, if you'd like to adjust something I am very flexible as long as it can be translated as a tattoo. If you change your mind about the design completely I cannot guarantee that I can work on it. Please let me know as soon as possible before the appointment and I can have a look and see what we can do. But do not book if you aren't certain of your idea please. I will not send out the design before the appointment, sorry!

If it's your first tattoo, please don't worry! Have a good sleep the day before and have some food before you arrive. I tattoo lots of people for the first time and everyone is surprised how 'painless' it is. Just have a sugar drink or some sweets with you just in case! The best to wear some loose clothes, preferably not white, as the ink can stain it.


Please read the aftercare instructions prior to your appointment  I will also explain the most important things on the day. You can order the aftercare balm before your appointment to make sure it arrives in time, or you can ask me to grab one in the shop if I currently have any on stock. I recommend using Yayo Clear/Clean/Prime Aftercare Butter, it's 100% natural, cruelty free, vegan friendly and made in the UK. You can grab one here .

Make sure you bring a photo ID with you..
We are more than happy if you arrive with a friend,  they can hang around , however they are not allowed to come with you to the tattooing area, as it can get quite busy.
Thanks for reading this, I'm looking forward meeting you!:)


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